A Scent Story

Hiya! I’m Lisa and my husband is Joe. You might have seen us from the Castle Mall’s ‘Real People’ competition. As part of the ‘Real People’ we’ve been sent on a mission to share our adventures within the shopping centre. On Saturday 3rd February, we popped into The Perfume Shop to sample fragrances ahead of Valentine’s Day; a perfect day trip for us (mainly me!).

Before I started reaching for the Dior Sauvage and spraying Joe head to toe in it, in the hopes of him turning into Johnny Depp, Paola the Store Manager greeted us and took us on a scented story.

Now, I thought, “I know what I like when it comes to perfumes and have a good nose for what I want“…..I WAS WRONG!

Paola introduced me to some brands I’ve point-blank refused due to one offending product they may have launched that wasn’t to my taste. Paola insisted that these brands have done a 180 and produced some real game changers. Again, still dubious, I approached the counter, wrist outstretched ready for what I thought would be wiped off instantly. I was shocked…What was this beautiful, light floral-with-a-hint-of-vanilla scent?
“Are you sure Paola?”
“Yes,” she replied. It was Tierry Mugler’s ‘Flora’! Even now 6 hours later, I cannot stop smelling my wrist!

I let Paola lead on to more fragrance discoveries. I told her my favourite perfume and she showed us The Perfume Shop’s tablet of discovery (which I have named myself). Michael Edwards has designed an app for them to help everyone find a new fragrance. He designed the fragrance wheel, which breaks down all the different notes that can be found in a perfume and groups them into families…In short, if you don’t know what you like, this guy can narrow it down for you instantly!

Paola excitedly told me that she thinks she knows a perfume I may like and passed me Jimmy Choo’s ‘Blossom’; this was another wonderful scent and reminded me of summer.

Now, Paola and I could’ve spent all day trying fragrances and discussing the brand’s histories (check out how Estee Lauder started her career!) as we clearly shared the same enthusiasm for fragrance but alas I had Joe with me and he needed some attention too!


Onto Joe: 

Hi, I am Joe and I’m an engineer, and in all honesty, I wouldn’t know what perfume to buy Lisa, let alone what scent to choose for myself unless she tells me.

So, when it was my turn to try some man fumes, I was a little unsure as I didn’t want to walk around smelling like a fruit salad.

However, I was pleasantly surprised! Paola introduced me to brands such as Prada, Paco Rabane, Calvin Klein and Dior, to name a few; some I’d heard of, some I hadn’t.

As I grudgingly held my arm out (much to Lisa’s annoyance), Paola sprayed Paco Rabane Pure XS, which was actually quite nice, so I agreed to try another on my other arm, which was Prada Luna Rossa Carbon, which was a very woody scent.

After trying a few others, I now feel more confident choosing my own cologne without my wife’s help!

The team in The Perfume Shop were so helpful and knowledgeable, we will both certainly be heading back there.