The Little Vampire

Thirteen-year-old Tony is obsessed with everything creepy and ghoulish. He loves crumbling castles, haunted graveyards, scary skeletons – but most of all, vampires. 

During a family road trip, Tony’s mum and dad are sick and tired of hearing about the fanged fiends. And so, when they end up spending the night at an old manor house in the middle of the countryside, Tony is strictly forbidden from asking, talking, or even thinking about vampires.

So, when Rudolph shows up, Tony couldn’t be happier – rather than talking about vampires, now he can talk to a real one!

Tony and Rudolph are the same age, and they quickly become friends. But when a vampire hunter catches sight of them, Rudolph and his whole vampire clan are put into grave danger.

Can Tony save his new friend, before it’s too late?

Watch the official trailer here.