Baby Shark….Doo Doo Doo!

Hi everyone! I’m Ebonie, one of Castle Malls ‘real people’!

I got given the opportunity to write (with Mummies help) about my time at the Kastle kids events this month! I absolutely love these events so it was an honour!

On 12th August I got to meet a REAL mermaid! I was so excited as I adore the little mermaid! Ariel was so beautiful! She sang ‘Under the Sea and could even floss!! She was really kind and made me and all the other children feel special!

A few days later, Kastle kids put on a shark day! My favourite song at the moment is Baby Shark so I was eager to dress as a shark and join in!


When we arrived the lovely ladies that are at the usual Kastle kids events were all there with a smile, I was handed a bag with contents in to make a shark hat! This was a lot of fun, there were so many baby sharks running around! After I had made the hat, I went to listen to a story, the man reading it had an under the sea suit on, I told Mummy he was my favourite! He gave a lot of high fives and made all the stories and songs come to life. We even got to sing baby shark!!


Next, me and my friends went to play the games that were set out, I had a great time playing the shark bite game! As with all the Kastle kids events, there were endless things to do!

After I got home, Mummy received an email to say I had won the fancy dress competition! My smile was absolutely huge! I won a lovely water book, my very own mermaid teddy and a trip to the Sea Life Centre in Great Yarmouth!

Mummy said these events are an absolute lifesaver during the holidays and being free there is no excuse not to come and join in the fun, everyone is super friendly and you’re always made to feel welcome here. I know we will be coming to many more events. Thank you again Kastle Kds!