Would I recommend Krispy Kreme Festive doughnuts?

Hello! I am Harry,

When the Castle Mall asked me to try the new Krispy Kreme Christmas doughnuts I jumped at the chance.

Thomas, however, declined as he doesn’t like anything sweet (Don’t ask!) so we didn’t think it fair on Krispy Kreme for him to try them, not like them, then write a negative review and it meant all the more for me to try!

Krispy Kreme is conveniently placed on the ground floor next to the TK Max escalator. The stall looks very appealing as it’s made to look like a giant Krispy Kreme box.

Firstly the doughnuts looked amazing. There was four for me to try: a Rudolph, a Thornton’s, a Merry Sparkle and lastly a Winter Berry doughnut.

They were all absolutely delicious, although I have to say that the Thornton’s was my personal favourite with its smooth toffee centre.


The taste of Thorntons in every bite, filled with smooth toffee sauce and hand decorated with Thorntons toffee pieces and vanilla fudge cubes.


Our signature ring doughnut dipped in caramel flavour icing and hand-decorated with chocolate coated pretzels.

Winter Berry

Our signature ring doughnut dipped in white icing, and hand decorated with holly & berries.

Merry Sparkle

Our signature ring doughnut dipped in ruby red icing and hand decorated with sugar crystals.

My top tip:
If you have younger children the Rudolph doughnut would be a fantastic treat to put in their Christmas Eve boxes!

Would I recommend Krispy Kreme donuts…….YES!