Revolution Studios!​

Hello again, Nicola, Angel and Ebonie here from the Castle Malls Real People team!

We were super lucky to have won Castle Mall’s digital advent calendar competition on day 3 in December, we won a photoshoot with Revolution Portraits!

The girls LOVE having their pictures taken so we decided quite early on they would be doing this alone… Until Revolution kindly told us we could bring our dogs along too!

When we turned up at the studio, we were greeted by some lovely ladies at reception, we felt very welcome and comfortable until Andy the photographer was ready to see us.

We had stupidly forgotten some outfits so Andy was extremely patient with us while my husband nipped home to get them. Andy was wonderful with the children, he made them laugh and feel completely at ease, the photos weren’t staged so we had beautiful natural pictures.

Ebonie took a massive shine to him and insisted he did some silly photos which he did without a second thought. He let us and the girls control which sort of photos we liked and was very considerate when it came to taking pictures of our nervous dog.

He let Angel and Ebonie both let their personalities come out and let them choose their background colours for some photos.

I cannot fault a thing with Andy, he is by far the best photographer we have ever encountered!​

When we went to view the photos we went into a room set out like a mini cinema, Andy played a short video of all the pictures on a slideshow. There were so, so many beautiful ones!

He explained all the pricing and sizing to us and let us swap photos around and change some to black and white. Nothing was too much trouble.

Revolution also does a payment plan so you don’t have to worry about finding the full cost at once, which we thought was excellent. It only took about a week for our order to be made up and framed, and well… The photos speak for themselves….