Everyone had a smile and the food was scrumptious!

You can’t buy much for less than £5 nowadays, but one thing you can buy is a kids meal from Cocina!

Castle Mall asked us if we would mind heading to Cocina to give our honest opinion on their Kids menu, so here it is!

One thing we noticed as soon as we entered the restaurant was the brilliant location of the restaurant with wonderful views, we were given a seat with the Norwich castle as our backdrop, it was stunning.

We were looked after by Silviu, he honestly couldn’t have done more if he had tried, such lovely service, he made jokes with the children, gave them colouring packs while we waited for our food and was just a lovely, smiley person!

We were asked if we would like the normal menu or a vegan/vegetarian menu which I thought was excellent, a lot of places will just have the odd one or two items to cater for vegetarians so to have a whole menu was lovely. We are all meat eaters so opted for the normal menu,but it was great to have the choice.

There was plenty of choice on the adults and kids menu, which all came with a drink, the drinks on the kids menu were different from your average ‘squash or water’, my youngest Ebonie (4) opted for a strawberry agua frescas which was like a fizzy strawberry punch, she said it was really yummy!

Both the girls had the option of cod, chicken strips or quesadillas, Ebonie went for the chicken strips while Angel went for the chicken quesadillas. Silviu told us the chicken strips were slightly seasoned so may be a little spicy but Ebonie chose them regardless, it was lovely to be pre-warned as a lot of places we have been don’t often warn you and you end up wasting a lot. Despite the spiciness, Ebonie loved them, the plate was a good size and the chicken looked absolutely beautiful!

Angel’s quesadillas were also a good size and she said they were the best she had had before, she said the salsa in them was amazing and loved the fact she got to choose whether to have chicken, pork or vegetarian ones.

We were also given some snacks to eat with/after the meal, Sylviu informed us they were vegan, vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free, so perfect for everyone! They were a bit like prawn crackers with a slight spice, very tasty!

We were all massively full by the time we had finished which was a lovely feeling, we certainly weren’t disappointed.

It wouldn’t have been a meal without a dessert! We opted to share 12 churros between us, for the price they were super good, normally you would pay about £5 per person for a nice dessert, these were just £6.99 for 12, they were a good size so we had plenty to go around the 4 of us! The churros were absolutely AMAZING. Honestly, the best I have tasted, the chocolate dips that came with them were gorgeous too, we will 100% be ordering these again when we go!

Overall, the experience was a lovely one! Everyone had a smile, nothing we asked was too much and the food was scrumptious! Would highly recommend Cocina!