Award-winning volunteer at Castle Quarter!

Back in October 2017, we opened our Ping Pong Parlour in collaboration with the Ping! and Loop teams at Table Tennis England. Throughout the year and a half that the Ping Pong Parlour has been open, local volunteer Doug Randall, from Norwich City Table Tennis Club has been the driving force behind the community events that have taken place.

We are very proud to announce that Doug’s hard work has been acknowledged and he has won the Table Tennis England Eastern Region Volunteer of the Year Award. He was awarded with his trophy in the Ping Pong Parlour, on level 1 of Castle Mall shopping centre on Tuesday 19th March.

The Ping Pong Parlour fundraising events at Castle Quarter include a Chocolate Challenge and a Ping Pong Party where you could choose your ‘weapon’ to play with! The weapons included fly swats, flip flops and a light sabre.

Our weekly Bat & Chat sessions that are aimed at the over 55s that would not be possible without Doug’s support.

Well done Doug and thank you for your continued support!