Shaaking it up!

With the new Shaake store opening in the Castle Mall, we were asked to pop by to sample some of their great new shakes.

It was really easy to find. If you use the White Lion Street entrance, it’s just down from Tiger on the right-hand side.

As we went on a Saturday afternoon, it was very busy with loads of teenagers and young children with their parents. But despite it being busy we didn’t have to wait long as the staff were really efficient.

After spending several minutes trying to decide what we wanted to order (the choice is immense!), we were greeted by a very cheerful young lady who took our orders. It wasn’t long before Matt, the manager was handing over the first of our drinks.

I had a ‘Get Minted’ which was amazing (Aero Mint & After Eights!). 🍫 Dad decided on a Bounty shake with chocolate chips. That too was delicious which surprised me as I don’t like Bountys! Both were thick and creamy.🥥

Thomas wanted a hot chocolate. In my opinion, this was a boring choice given the huge array of delicious options available! However, it was the most delicious hot chocolate I have ever tried. Made with real chocolate, it was really creamy and very chocolatey. It wasn’t long before Thomas had drunk the whole thing! 😝

The drinks at Shaake are delicious!! We will most certainly be going back and would definitely recommend.

Harry (and Thomas!)