Tech giant Jordan Sanders is a horrible boss who makes her employees’ lives unbearable – especially her assistant’s. So, when she wakes up one day in her 13-year-old body, for the first time in her life she doesn’t quite know what to do and must rely on those she’s alienated to help her out. Regina Hall, Marsai Martin, and Issa Rae star in this entertaining comedy from director Tina Gordan Chism.

Each morning, Jordan Sanders (Regina Hall) struts into her office and terrorises her employees, especially her assistant, April (Issa Rae). As long as she’s making money, she doesn’t care how she treats people, or what they think of her. Jordan is a powerful woman, but at what cost?

One day, when she witnesses her criticising April, a young girl casts a curse on Jordan, wishing that the horrible boss knew what it was like to be as helpless a child.

Jordan brushes it off as nothing more than silly antics. The next morning, ahead of a make or break presentation, Jordan follows her usual routine before arriving at the office. Today, though, there’s one shocking difference – Jordan has woken up as her 13-year-old self (Marsai Martin).

For the first time in her life, Jordan finds herself lost and vulnerable. April must step up and take company matters into her own hands, while Jordan enrols in school and is faced with teenage issues.

Now that her world has turned upside-down and April’s calling the shots, will Jordan make the most of her second chance at growing up?

Produced by Will Packer, who brought us Girls Trip and Night School, Little follows suit in offering bags of laughs, starring Regina Hall (The Hate U Give), Marsai Martin (Black-ish), and Issa Rae (Insecure).

Watch the trailer here.