Wonder Park

June always thought that Wonderland – an amusement park where anything is possible – was just a fragment of her imagination. But when she discovers that it exists, and that it’s in extreme danger, she must do all she can to save it from a destructive fate. Indulge in your imagination with this feel-good animation featuring the voices of Brianna Denski, Jennifer Garner, and Mila Kunis.

June (Brianna Denski) is a super-imaginative girl, who enjoys spending her free time thinking up amazing worlds with her mum (Jennifer Garner). Her masterpiece is the fantastical and brilliant Wonderland, a theme park where anything is possible.

But some day or another, we all grow up.

As the day comes for June to abandon her childhood dreams, she doesn’t realise the devastating consequences her dwindling imagination will have on the world she used to love.

One day, she notices the blueprints to her childhood Wonderland magically flying off into the forest. As she chases down the loose papers, June stumbles across an abandoned theme park… Her Wonderland.

After discovering that Wonderland and all its inhabitants are in fact a reality, June must rediscover her childlike wonder and team up with her animal friends to stop the park from being destroyed by the Chimpanzombies.

But will she be able to look deep within herself and find that creative spark in time?

Let your dreams come to life with Wonder Park. Featuring the voices of promising new talent Brianna Denski (Killing Khan), alongside Hollywood elite Jennifer Garner (Love, Simon), and Mila Kunis (Bad Moms), Paramount pictures brings you the feel-good animation that will let your imagination run wild.

Watch the trailer here.