Grand Opening

Hi, I am Ben, Jaxon’s Dad! My partner Amelia and I were invited along to attend the Delightful Desserts Grand Opening on Friday 7th June.

Delightful Desserts is a very bright and well-decorated place, we visited at around 7pm and it was quiet which was nice as it was chilled out.

I loved the large selection of ice cream at the counter, so many to choose from!

We got an eat-in menu and were surprised at the number of desserts available and the good selection of mini versions for the kids. I had a Kinder Bueno cookie dough with a strawberry milkshake and Amelia had double chocolate cookie dough with a fruit smoothie.

We felt the portion size was right, not too much that made you overload and not too little that left you wanting another helping. The price reasonable too.

The staff were really friendly and helpful.

I think it’s going to be very popular at weekends and the party idea is brilliant.