Definitely delightful!

Hello again! Me and Ebonie were asked to attend the Delightful Desserts open day, of course, we said yes, who wouldn’t?! 

As soon as we walked in a beautiful smell hit us, it was like a chocolate factory! We were given a free drink with the menu and told to shout if we needed anything at all. One of the first things that struck me was how friendly everyone was, each and every person was so helpful and consistently had a smile, we really did feel so welcome.

Ebonie opted for a Kinder milkshake with a Smarties crepe, the crepe was HUGE! Her face absolutely lit up while she was watching them make it from fresh ingredients and she said it was the best thing she had ever tasted!

After a lot of deliberation, I chose the Ferrero Roche milkshake and a Kinder crepe, again, the sizing was incredible, you most definitely get your moneys worth! The flavours of each ingredient was really strong and, although not usually a fan of ice cream it was delicious!

I didn’t order an ice crusher myself but the table next to us did and I overheard the lady complimenting the passion fruit flavouring. She said she would definitely order again. In fact, every customer we saw in there seemed to have a ‘this is incredible’ face!

On the open day itself, there was also free face painting, we can’t comment on this too much as Ebonie has sensitive skin so didn’t have it done, but we thought we would mention it as it was a lovely touch to the day, it really shows how family friendly the place is.

I actually can’t praise Delightful Desserts enough, nothing I asked for was too much hassle, the people were so, so friendly and seemed to genuinely enjoy working there which is so nice to see. Me and Ebonie definitely give them a 5* and would highly recommend, Ebonie has even asked me to book her birthday party there!

We will most certainly be going back!