Angry Birds 2

Red and the angry birds are back, and still at war with the pigs. But this time, the two sides will have to work together to stand up to a new enemy that threatens them all. Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, and Leslie Jones star in this animated sequel, directed by Thurop Van Orman and based on the popular video game.

Life on the island has been normal for the angry birds since Red (Jason Sudeikis) saved the day. They’re still at war with Leonard (Bill Hader) and the pigs, but could a much bigger threat bring the two sides together?

The mysterious Zeta (Leslie Jones), leader of an icy island, has hatched a plan to destroy both the angry birds and the pigs. Now the warring factions must put their differences aside to face an even more formidable enemy.

Expect hilarious antics and high-flying action as the frenemies work together to show Zeta who rules the roost around here.

Thurop Van Orman directs this exciting computer-animated adventure based on the much-loved video game. Featuring the voices of Jason Sudeikis (Driven, Downsizing, Horrible Bosses 2), Bill Hader (Ralph Breaks the Internet, Trainwreck, Tropic Thunder), and Leslie Jones (We Are Family, Ghostbusters), this fun film for all the family is sure to leave you in stitches with laughter.

Watch the trailer here.