Bowled over!

Hi everyone! It’s the Castle Quarters real people here (again)!​
We were asked to go for a family evening in the new Superbowl, of course, we agreed! As soon as you walk in the atmosphere changes from shopping centre to fun, there are so many different games machines, definitely something for everyone. ​

While we were queueing for bowling we noticed how friendly and smiley the staff behind the counter were, Ebonie also spotted this and when it was our turn she really took to a staff member named Ollie, he was hilarious! Ebonie asked for size 12 shoes (child size) and he gave her adults size 12 and asked if they fit, she found it so funny. Cheery staff really do make the experience so much better. They were all chatty and nothing felt rushed, which was lovely.

One thing we noticed that Superbowl do a little differently, which we liked, they only take one of your shoes when swapping them for bowling shoes. I found this really helpful as I have been to other places and had to describe my shoes to them while they were trying to find them, it was so much easier matching shoes than describing!​

We all had a great time bowling, the age range between us was 5-32 and every one of us enjoyed themselves. The area was super clean, everything worked as it should and the variety of ball sizes to choose from was great. We loved the lights on the lanes too, so many colours. Ebonie has been bowling a few times and always had to use the ramp to push her ball but at Superbowl, there was a ball she could carry so she was ecstatic and for the first time played bowling without the ramp!

There were 4 of us playing and the game lasted about 45 minutes, but there was hours of fun to be had after on the arcades, it really was a great family evening.​

Overall, we would highly recommend Superbowl, we think Norwich city centre really needed something like this and it has exceeded our expectations! We cant wait to visit again!