Something for everyone at Retro Replay

Hello everyone!

Earlier this week my brother and I were lucky enough to visit “Retro Replay” the brand new retro arcade in the Castle Quarter. We went early on Sunday morning, so as a result, the arcade was very quiet, and we had almost the whole place to ourselves! However, later in the day more people started streaming in, proving just how popular this facility will be.

The arcade is excellent value for money, as it only costs £10 to enter, and once you’re inside, all the games are free, for as many plays as you want. What’s more, the wristband that you are given means you can leave the arcade and re-enter as many times as you want in one day, allowing you to go out for lunch at one of Castle Quarters many great eating spots and return later for even more gaming fun.

We made our way to the entrance, where we were greeted by an extremely friendly employee, who explained how the arcade worked. As soon as Thomas and I went in, we were overwhelmed by the amount of different video games available to play. Luckily, as there is no time limit, we were able to play every game as many times as we wanted.

Not only did they have over 40 arcade games, but they also had 20 retro computers playing different games ranging from Mario to Space Invaders. My personal favourite games were PACMAN Pinball and Tetris. Thomas preferred the driving simulators; however, I don’t think I will be wanting to get in a car with him any time soon! Other games we enjoyed included the dance machines and Mario Kart, which was projected onto the wall, giving you a massive screen to see you racing against your friends.

Whether you are a more mature person reliving their youth, or a younger person who just loves video games, there’s something in here for everyone, and overall is a great family day out. Thomas and I will most certainly be returning here in the near future.