Sunday night is family night!

Bowling blog

Sunday night is family night so we visited Superbowl UK at the Castle Quarter for the first time.

The boys loved the Sonic the Hedgehog statue by the entrance & insisted we took a photo of them. The Superbowl colleagues were very welcoming & we gave them 1 shoe each in exchange for some snazzy bowling shoes (this helps to prevent shoe theft, as some people have some awesome footwear – we don’t haha!). They could even accommodate our 2-year-old son which was brilliant & he found it entertaining that we all had matching shoes!

Commence the bowling battle between us, every person for themselves! Our eldest was already in the lead with his first strike! Then our youngest with a spare!

We had a fantastic game & Mummy got completely rinsed by the boys!


Afterwards, we all played on the arcade machines. We almost forgot we were inside the Castle Quarter! Our children absolutely loved their time there & didn’t want to leave (neither did we, truth be told!).


Thank you Superbowl for a lovely family night out.