Festive Fun at New Look

Hello again everyone! 

We were lucky enough to visit New Look over the weekend, we were ecstatic about this because what woman and teenager doesn’t love clothes?!

Unfortunately, Mika wasn’t able to attend with us on this occasion because she was busy rehearsing for a big show she has coming up, so her little sister Ebonie helped me pick out bits for her!


The 915 range was AMAZING! Mika had given me a list of what to look for and they had pretty much everything on the list, they are so up to date with the latest fashion and the clothes aren’t too ‘adult’ for teenagers which I find with most stores. We settled on a crop top hoody for Mika, we got one size up but the sizing is pretty accurate, which again doesn’t happen in a lot of shops!

Although there were no clothes to fit little Ebonie, there were so many gift items and to make it even better, a lot of them had 25% off! Luckily for Ebonie, they had tonnes of items which had her favourite animal on (sloth). She was enjoying looking at everything but absolutely lost her mind when she saw a sloth warmer teddy! And for under £10 too!


When it came to my turn to have a look I was instantly drawn to the handbags (of course)! The selection was vast and the colours were beautiful! I’m a ‘bright colours’ person and was happy to see they had a lot of yellows and oranges in the bag and purse selection. I opted for a gorgeous tan bag this time though.

As we were heading to the till Ebonie spotted socks! We are a family that loves a good pair of novelty socks and this selection was incredible! There were Elf socks, Grinch socks, Llama socks… All sorts! We had a good laugh looking at them and ended up picking 6 pairs!


We were then served by Cerys, she was so lovely and accommodating and spoke to Ebonie about Christmas… Ebonie is very much a talker but not once did Cerys make us feel rushed while Ebonie was chatting!

Overall, New Look is definitely the place to go this Christmas for up to date clothes and amazing novelty bits, especially if you are a llama or sloth fan!

Happy Christmas all!