Spies in Disguise


Super spy Lance Sterling embarks on epic missions. Walter Beckett is a genius scientist who creates amazing gadgets. Together, the pair make a pretty good team. But when Lance is involved in a test-gone-wrong, taking on a completely new form while the world is in peril, the two must learn to work together in an entirely new way… This hilarious animation stars the voice talents of Rashida Jones, Will Smith, and Tom Holland.

Lance Sterling (Will Smith) and Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) are complete opposites in every way, yet they make an amazing team. Lance is sophisticated, smart and charming – all the qualities that make him the world’s greatest secret agent, whereas Walter is the nerdy scientist who invents genius gadgets for Lance’s epic missions.

Back at HQ, though, Walter gets unexpected results while testing one of his new devices – he turns Lance into a pigeon. After Lance demands to be changed back into a stylish and debonair spy, Walter reveals that it’s not that easy…

Meanwhile, there is a perilous evil beginning to take over the world. It’s usually Lance who comes to the rescue, but with his recent change in circumstances, things have changed. Walter and Lance must work together in a way they never have before if they want to save the earth.

Rashida Jones (The Grinch), Will Smith (Suicide Squad, Bright) and Tom Holland (Avengers: Infinity War) lend their voices to his animated comedy, sure to entertain the whole family.