Free roam virtual reality venue

Xist - free roam virtual reality
Xist - free roam virtual reality

A unique new multiplayer free-roam virtual reality venue is opening here in Castle Quarter!

XIST allows groups of up to six people to play together in an incredible VR world, enabling them to move around freely to complete a fun and exciting virtual mission.

XIST is one of the first VR venues in the UK to offer free-roam virtual reality without the need for customers to wear heavy backpack PCs. Instead, XIST uses a lightweight headset, micro PC and haptic vest.

XIST has partnered with AMD and VR headset manufacturers Pico Interactive to make the technological solution possible. Audio is delivered through a surround sound system, and users wear a haptic vest to increase the feeling of immersion. Users have a machine gun controller that they need to use throughout the game to defeat the enemy!

Matthew Martin, CEO and co-founder of XIST, said: “Free-roam destination VR is on the up, giving consumers an exciting and fun way to spend time with their friends, doing things that would be impossible in real life.

“It’s great as an activity for a party or even for corporate team-building.”

Castle Quarter’s centre manager, Robert Bradley, said: “This is going to be like stepping into a video game. I am looking forward to trying it out! It’ll be another amazing reason to visit Castle Quarter.

“We have seen a really good increase in the number of people coming to Castle Quarter in the last few months and are so pleased that XIST is another operator coming to establish themselves here.”

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To keep up to date on the developments and opening offers follow XIST on their social media channels @XISTVR.

We look forward to Xist opening here at Castle Quarter very soon and cannot wait to try out the equipment.