School’s Out…

Coronavirus has certainly plunged us into new territory with schools closing their doors and everyone advised to socially distance themselves, parents everywhere will be climbing the walls looking for ways to keep their little angels entertained.

So we have put our thinking caps on and come up with some top tips to try to make the time at home less painful for you and your children.

Break out the board games and cards
Now is the time to bring out the old school, non-screen way of having fun. Whether it’s a traditional game of scrabble or something more active like Dare2Flip, it doesn’t matter as long as its not taken too seriously – we don’t want any fights breaking out! The Entertainer has a fantastic range of games for all ages in store, if you haven’t already got a supply – including some of our favourites Rapido, Pictionary Air and Speak Out. Plus various different versions of Monopoly from Fornite to Trolls!

But there are lots of other games to play that don’t need any equipment including;
1. Would You Rather
2. I Spy
3. Simon Says
4. Hide and Seek
5. Indoor Scavenger Hunt
6. Charades
7. Hangman
8. Pass It On
9. Musical Bumps/Statues
10. What’s The Time Mr Wolf

Need to burn some energy?
Get the kids up and dancing! We have a Spotify account where we have plenty of Disney songs for them to dance to click here to listen to them!

Also we recommend taking a look at Go Noodle it has an abundance of videos that will get your kid up and moving, including a whole bunch of Kidz Bop songs. Go Noodle also has videos that walk you through how to do a variety of crafts, as well as some brain exercises. But when it comes to getting that blood pumping, try their “Featured in School” playlist or the Zumba Kids channel.

LEGO challenge
We love this 30 day LEGO challenge from Brickologists – it will certain keep the whole family amused!

Lego Challenge

Use your imagination
Kids have great imaginations, so make the most of them here is some inspiration but the possibilities are endless…
1. Build a fort or den
2. Write a story
3. Make a treasure hunt
4. Put on a fashion show
5. Put on a puppet show
6. Put on a play
7. Have a tea party
8. Build an obstacle course
9. Build a cardboard castle
10.Create your own superhero

Sensory Play
Making things with the kids can be loads of fun, but remember to wash your hands afterwards!
1. Homemade playdough
2. Homemade slime
3. Play mud
4. Fake snow
5. A sensory bin

Get crafty
The list of craft ideas that you can do at home with the kids is endless, here are a few of our favourites. We would love to see pictures of your finished crafts.
1. Paper Airplanes
2. Thankful Jar
3. Suncatchers
4. Cereal Box Aquarium
5. Toilet Roll Ppeople
6. Scrapbook
8. Paint Pet Rocks
9. Paper Boats
10. Friendship Bracelets

Keep learning;
It is really important to keep the kids learning while they are off, your school has probably already provided you with a home learning pack. But other things you can do are:
1. Do a Science Project
2. Learn Origami
3. Learn About a New Animal
4. Learn to Sew
5. Learn to Knit
6. Do Brain Teasers
7. Learn a New Language
8. Learn About a Country
9. Try Sudoku
10. Read! Doesn’t matter what they read as long as they read.

There are lots of sites that have got lots for FREE activities you can download to do with the kids at home. One of our personal favorites TTS Group.

But this article has a full list of sites so is definitely worth a read.