Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Ideas That’ll Make You Forget About the Great Outdoors


Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Ideas That’ll Make You Forget About the Great Outdoors

With the country currently in lockdown and Easter fast approaching, we felt that some ideas for indoor Easter Egg Hunts might be useful!

Make It Interactive

They might not be able to run around outside in fields, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them using plenty of energy during their egg search. Write some directions, slip them inside plastic eggs, and, every time a hunter finds one, they have to do the action inside. After all the mooing and hopping, they’ll be ready for a nap!

Hunt in the Dark

Close the curtains tight — or wait until nighttime — and let the colorful glow guide them. You can use glow-in-the-dark paint on the eggs to make them glow.

Leave Clues

Instead of leaving a ton of eggs all over every nook and cranny, you can carefully hide a few of them, and then offer a trail of clues that’ll help kids find them. It combines the fun of a an egg hunt with the thrill of a scavenger hunt.

Include a Word Search

Hunting for the right letters can be just as thrilling as hunting for eggs, right? If you really want to go the extra mile, you can make your own word search that contains clues to the locations of the hidden eggs.

Do It Blindfolded

Make the festivities even harder by adding a blindfold; you can either direct the kids to the eggs “hotter/colder” style, or, if they’re younger, fill them with coins or other noise-making prizes and shake them until your toddlers find you.

Color Code It

If your kids’ ages are such that one has a competitive advantage when it comes to egg-hunting, assign each child a different color egg to find. That way, the toddler can find some easy ones and while the big kid hunts for the harder ones. Or, if they’re close in age, you can assign a certain point value to different colors, depending on how well they’re hidden. At the end, you can see who found the most eggs and who found the hardest eggs.

Turn It Into a Letter-Hunt

If you want to take the word search idea a step further, you can combine the two and make the eggs into the words themselves — a message that can only be “unscrambled” if you find them all and place them in the right order.

Add an Extra Puzzle

To add a second layer of challenge, conceal a puzzle piece inside each plastic egg — kids have to find them all to solve the puzzle. Use a blank, draw-on jigsaw puzzle to write the final clue to where the Easter baskets are hiding.

Turn the Tables

Once they’ve found all the eggs, let them grab a few and hide them on you. They can use the “hotter/colder” method to direct you to their hiding spots. Just promise not to peek!