5 Fabulous Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles

Wednesday 22nd April 2020 is World Earth Day so we’ve been thinking lots about recycling. With so many fantastic ways to reuse plastic bottles, there’s no need to throw them away and this little change can make a huge impact on our environment. Here’s 5 fabulous ways to reuse plastic bottles and have lots and lots of fun!

1. Indoor Planter
Use the bottom of a 2 litre water bottle to make a super cute indoor planter – you could even make it animal themed! Simply cut the bottom third, get decorating, then fill with seeds and soil.

2. A Watering Can
Say goodbye to paying for plastic watering cans and hello to upcycling! Just punch some holes in the lid of your plastic bottle, fill with water and off you go.

3. Piggy Bank
This one saves you money in more ways than one! Decorate your water bottle in any style you want, just don’t forget to make the hole for the pennies to go in. You can choose whether to keep it transparent or cover it completely to make the total a mystery. Then when it’s time to shop, unscrew the snout and get counting!

4. Shampoo Airplane Toys

Keep those little ones entertained with lots of sky soaring fun! There’s no rules to this one, just stick, glue and paint until you’re satisfied.

5. Garden Sprinkler

The weather is getting warmer and we are all spending more time in our gardens. By simply poking some holes in a large water bottle and attaching to a hose, you can have lots of fun and get your kids super soaked in the process!