Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday During Isolation

Your child’s birthday is a memorable occasion, one they look forward to all year round. So, we can only imagine how disappointing it is for those children who are missing out on their planned celebrations due to lockdown.  Here are some ideas to keep their birthdays special despite the restrictions in place.

Host a virtual party

Zoom doesn’t have to be all about work. You can use Zoom and House Party to connect with loved ones from a distance! Reach out to your friends and family and arrange a video call where your child can have Happy Birthday sung to them, blow the candles out on their cake and, of course, open their presents!

Birthday Breakfast

How do you like your CAKE in the morning? Start the day with your child feeling extra special by setting up a delicious birthday breakfast for them. Think thick, fluffy pancakes and, if you’re feeling posh, baby bellinis – an alcohol free version of the much loved cocktail!

Get Dressed Up

Spend a day wearing something other than joggers… no matter how tempting they are. Get your household to dress up for the day, whether that’s their Sunday best or even fancy dress! Don’t forget to take plenty of photos.

Enjoy The Ride

Were you planning a trip to the theme park? Plan ahead and search for front seat roller coaster videos on Youtube. Then, on the day, play them on your tv screen with the whole family sat one behind the other in front, leaning in unison! If it was a trip to the zoo that you were planning, find your local zoo on Facebook. Lots of zoos are doing behind the scenes videos to keep you close to your favourite animals!

Message Montage

This one takes a little bit of planning, but luckily, many of us find ourselves with time on our hands right now! Ask your friends and family to record short birthday videos for your child – maybe it could be a loving message, maybe a choreographed dance routine or maybe a funny joke! Then turn them into a birthday movie for your child to watch.

Take The Day Off

If you’ve been busy working from home or home-schooling, consider taking the day off. You could spend the whole day doing your child’s favourite things such as playing games, making tasty treats or watching movies! Don’t worry about having a productive day, have a day they’ll remember.

Pizza Party

Time to get hands on in your very own Pizza Parlour! Whether you make it from scratch (if you can get your hands on flour that is!) or use a pre-made base, your child will love getting creative and making a super tasty pizza covered in their favourite toppings.Then grab some plates, a picnic blanket and put on his/her favourite movie!

** Have a great time and tell them Happy Birthday from us! **