Bank Holiday Baking!

Entertain the little ones (and feed the big ones) this bank holiday with some baking.  Here are our top 5 easy baking suggestions from Netmums: 

Iced Biscuits

Simple, five-ingredient biscuits topped with Royal icing. Kids will love mixing the ingredients together, as well as decorating the finished biscuits with a piping bag or icing pens. Plus, these biscuits only need about 10 minutes in the oven, so perfect for impatient little ones.

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Classic Cupcakes

These simple, four-ingredient cupcakes couldn’t be easier to make. Once your kids have grasped the basics, let their imaginations run wild by adding different ingredients to make chocolate or fruit-flavoured cupcakes.

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Cornflake cakes

What could be more of a classic kids’ bake than these easy cornflake cakes? Kids will love stirring the mixture together, but not as much as they’ll enjoy eating them! You can even add mini marshmallows, fruit or nuts into the mix to make your very own personalised cakes.

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Microwave Mug Cake

If your impatient little one wants to see the fruits of their labour NOW, this microwave mug cake is the perfect solution. From raw ingredients to finished cake in under 10 minutes! And no messing about with ovens or hobs means a bit less supervision required (the cake may be very hot when it comes out of the microwave, though).

Find the recipe here

Rice Krispie Treats

Another classic kids’ baking favourite, Rice Krispie treats are quick and easy to make. They’re also easy to mould into different shapes using cookie cutters, to make fun little cakes that work brilliantly as gifts.

Find the recipe here

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