How to celebrate Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is just around the corner (20 June, people!), which means it’s almost time to show the #1 guy in your life how much you care.

Whether it’s breakfast in bed or a virtual cook-along, we’ve got a whole range of ideas that are guaranteed to please even the fussiest of fellas.

If meeting up in person is off the cards, there’s no need to panic. Thanks to video calls and delivery services, it’s easier than ever to celebrate from a distance. Here’s how:

Cook up a storm
Searching for a way to (virtually) show your love? Whether he prefers a veg-packed curry or a meat-filled pie, why not organise a virtual cook-along? Make sure you’ve both stocked up on the ingredients beforehand, then you can chop, fry and (most importantly!) chat together before tucking in. Delish!

Post a surprise gift
Whether it’s his favourite aftershave or a brand-new razor, there’s nothing like receiving a surprise parcel in the post. If you’re in need of some gifting inspiration, you can check out Boots top Father’s Day gift ideas here. He definitely deserves it!

Make a homemade card
Shop bought cards are great, but homemade cards? They’re on a whole other level! Whether you’re a budding artist or a total novice, get your creative juices flowing and post him a card he’ll really cherish. Maybe it’ll take pride of place on the fridge door. A trip to Poundland will ensure you have all the supplies.

Take a trip down memory lane<br>
Everyone loves to look through old pictures – especially ancient ones of dad rocking whacky haircuts and wearing garish shirts.

Before the big day, why not gather a range of your favourite photos into a digital album then share them via Zoom. You can laugh and reminisce on old memories, and look forward to making lots of new ones, too.

If Zoom isn’t his cup of tea, take a look at our photo gifts at Kwik Pix. From phone cases and jigsaws to cushions and mugs, you can have his favourite snap printed on just about anything.

Seeing your #1 guy face to face? Whether you live together or you’re meeting up outdoors for the afternoon, we’ve got plenty of ideas.

Make him breakfast in bed
If he loves a lie in (who doesn’t?), why not surprise him with breakfast in bed? Bacon. Eggs. Tomatoes. Hash browns. You name it – he’ll love it! And to really impress him, be sure to add a cup of coffee (or tea) and a glass of orange juice to the equation.

Scavenger hunt
Got little ones that want to get involved? There’s only one thing for it!
Help the kids write cryptic clues on strips of paper, then hide them ready for the ultimate scavenger hunt. The prize at the end could be a tub of sweet treats from Gifted. Perfect!

Games night<
Need an excuse to whip out the board games? This is it! Whether he’s a Monopoly maven or Cluedo connoisseur, gather everyone around the dining table and let dad unleash his competitive side. Add a bowl of mixed nuts et voila – the perfect evening! Or why not take him for a visit to Retro Reply and opt for old school arcade games.

Picnic in the park
What’s better than a family walk? A family walk that leads to a picnic, obviously! Grab a blanket, a frisbee and all of dad’s favourite nibbles, then head to the local park. Just pack an umbrella in case – you never do know with the British weather. Why not visit Muffin Break to stock up on supplies before the picnic.

It’s his first Father’s Day, so it’s only right that you make a fuss. Even if the bun’s still in the oven, he’ll really appreciate the gesture.

Dine alfresco
Parenting for the first time is definitely a challenge, so why not take him to the newly opened Mysagardens and enjoy a view of the castle.
You can look back on the first leg of parenthood, or look forward to what’s soon to come.

Put together a care package
Between sleepless nights and jam-packed days, the worn-out guy in your life will be craving some down time. Put together a bundle of self-care goodies and deliver it right to his door – we’re talking hand cream, shaving gel, sheet masks, the lot!

Order his go-to takeaway
Last but by no means least, why not wow him with an all-star spread of food delivered straight to his lap. No pots and pans required! Why not try Delightful Desserts or Cocina?

So, there you have it. After a year like no other, the guys in your life certainly deserve a pat on the back.