Independent Day

Independents’ Day UK is a campaign that exists to support and promote independent retail businesses across the UK all year round, but with an annual focus on July 4th: ‘Independents’ Day’ itself. Independents account for something in the order of 65% of the approximately 290,000 retail outlets in the UK and are at the heart of local communities throughout the country.

Independent retailers offer choice, diversity of product and service, tradition as well as innovation, and a more personal service to customers. They are also job creators and contributors to local and national economies. And with retail spending under pressure, never have they needed our support more.

It’s no secret that shoppers want diversity in their High Streets and independent retailers that give their towns a distinct character and service. So buying those new clothes, meeting your DIY requirements, shopping for a piece of kitchenware, getting a gift and a card for someone special, treating your pet or just having a coffee and something to eat with an independent outlet makes the world of difference.

Here at Castle Quarter we are very lucky to have a whole host of wonderful independent businesses in our centre;

– Back2Back
– Boutique
– Charisma
– Cocina
– Emmaus
– Gifted
– Kwik Pix
– Leading Labels
– Mobile Solutions
– Moya Bubble Tea
– Mysagarden
– NBR Shopmob
– New-U
– Pettitt & Boo
– Retro Replay
– Revolution Portrait & Window to the Womb
– Say Yes
– Taz Beauty
– The Tea Junction
– Waterlily
– Your CBD Store

Please support your local independents. #ukindieday