Delightful Desserts Really Was Delightful!

Hello all, your real people Nicola, Angel and Ebonie here. Welcome back to a little piece of normality! Hasn’t it been strange this past year not being able to go out and do the things we enjoy the most?! Well, now things have started opening up again we were kindly asked to try out Delightful Desserts inside the Castle Quarter… And what a delight it was!

As soon as we walked in we could ‘taste the smell’ of sweetness! It was delicious!! We were quickly given a seat and able to choose what we wanted from the counter. The flavours were explained to us but that didn’t make the difficult decision of choosing any easier!

Angel opted for a complicated one, not that the staff were fazed at all, she chose Reeses crepe with Kinder Bueno ice cream and a side of Reeses ice cream. Ebonie had a Chocolate Orange crepe. There was a slight delay in the making of the order, however, we weren’t put off by this as we knew by waiting it was all made fresh… And let me tell you, it is worth the wait completely.

The crepes were cooked to perfection, I can’t even describe the mouth watering taste, the toppings were just the right amount and the sauces were the correct consistency and taste, they weren’t overpowering but were enough to make your taste buds tingle. They both had a regular-sized crepe, we weren’t really expecting a big portion but it was HUGE, they were full up for the rest of the day after eating these, which is great because finding value for money is hard nowadays!

It did take them a solid half an hour to polish off the plates but they both agreed they were the best crepes they had ever had!

Delightful Desserts was clean, welcoming and all the staff were friendly and helpful. This is such a nice place to come and sit for a quick treat or after school surprise, although it is in the middle of a busy shopping mall it really doesn’t feel like it, it was so lovely and quiet and the lighting really gave it a nice ambience. Overall the atmosphere was so relaxed and enjoyable- it is definitely on our go to list of places now and we highly recommend you give it a go too!