Retro Replay

Retro Replay is a new retro arcade and gaming lounge on level one of Castle Quarter, near to New Look and PureGym. Featuring over 80 classic arcade machines including Space Invaders, Double Dragon, Time Crisis, Afterburner and more.

But why stop at arcade machines? Retro Replay also has 20 retro console setups with an extensive library that’s constantly growing. It’s safe to say that you’ll be spoilt for choice and warmed with nostalgia.

They have done away with the pay per play system of the old days and replaced it with an entry fee that’s easier on your wallet. That’s right, pay once and play all games on offer with unlimited credits for the day. You can finally play to the end of House of the Dead without running out of money!

The collection of arcade games includes:
– After Burner
– Battle Shark
– Crazy Kong
– Double Dragon
– Final Fight
– Galaxian
– Mortal Kombat
– Need for Speed Underground
– Pacmania
– Space Invaders Pt.2
– Street Fighter 2
– Tekken
– And lots lots more!

Retro Replay is great for those big kids that remember these classic games, but also for the younger generation to experience what games used to be like.