AVO – is here!

A burrito bar with a ‘secret recipe’ is now open!

Richard Watts, who grew up in Norwich having moved from Canada at a young age, is transforming an empty unit on Timber Hill into a burrito bar called Avo.

Mr Watts, 34, who currently works in renewable energy, has roots in both Canada and Trinidad and Tobago, but it is the Mexican dish he fell most in love with.

And after developing his own secret recipe for the delicacy, he has decided to take a leap of faith and turn it into a business.

He said: “I first got into burritos because I’m a big gym-goer and found that they’re a great, quick, but healthy option to have.”

“So about 10 years ago I started experimenting with different flavours which I would share with my family and friends, but never really thought of turning it into a business.”

But having since studied a business degree, Mr Watts set about putting the wheels in motion to bring Avo to life – and when the unit on Timber Hill became available he saw the window he needed