Top Gun: Maverick – Film Review

Top Gun: Maverick has been applauded by critics as a ‘Worthy return to the danger zone’ as it took their breath away. (Nerds&Beyond)

The film’s charm undoubtedly lies in the callbacks to the original movie. From the fast planes to the pervading theme music (yes, the iconic “Danger Zone” makes a reappearance), while breathing new life into its storyline and characters. (arsTechnica)

The film doesn’t solely rely on the successes of the original, crafting a new storyline with new characters that will draw you in just as much as ones from the original film. Tom Cruise brings the same swagger and bravado to the character he originally portrayed over 30 years ago, infusing the role with the same energy and spirit of the original film while giving the newcomers their time to shine as well. New characters like Pheonix and Hangman are reminiscent of characters like Iceman and Maverick themselves in their first trips to Top Gun, all hungry to prove they’re the best and jostling to earn their spot at the forefront. And yet, despite these similarities, they bring a distinctly different feel to the screen than the aviators of planes past.

Top Gun: Maverick also looks incredible on a large screen, and it’s perhaps the best IMAX format showcase of the past five years. Cruise and co. were clearly eager to take cinematic air combat to the next level, and there’s no getting around it. Every major flight scene includes per-cockpit camera rigs and is choreographed to let the camera angle showcase Top Gun-caliber stuff. You might see another plane in view, or vapor trails, or dumped flares dancing and billowing smoke, or a glancing shadow of the jet against the Earth’s surface. 

Overall, these things combine to make a movie that’ll have you glued to your seats for its 137-minute duration; Top Gun: Maverick is one revival this year that you won’t want to miss. The planes are faster, the storyline is stronger, and at the heart of it all, the sequel still encompasses the same spirit of the original.

This Blog was generated using reviews from ‘Nerds&Beyond’ and ‘arsTechnica’

Top Gun Maverick