Elves Behavin' Badly

EVENT NAME: Elves Behavin’ Badly
DATE: Saturday 11th December
TIME: 11am - 3pm
LOCATION: St Johns Area

Hold onto your Christmas hats as Santa’s Badly Behavin’ Elves will be causing complete mayhem and mischief here in Castle Quarter on December 11th as part of the Elves Behavin’ Badly Tour 2021.

In the countdown to a cracking Christmas, Santa has sent Elfie and Elvie out visiting Norwich to report back new additions to the naughty and nice list. So, look out! The totally mischievous pair will be rockin’ around the Christmas shoppers with cheeky pranks and shameless sauciness.

The fun-loving pair have a whole sleigh load of laughs and stunts lined up for visitors on the day so if anyone in your family is brave and loves a naughty joke then make yourself known. They’ll be looking for fellow pranksters to join in with games such as Charades, Musical Snowman, Guess the Present and Tree decorating too.

They’ve already been on Santa’s naughty list, and they don’t even care! Drop in if you dare and join in with these two experts in festive mischief as they create pandemonium. The famous frolickers, Elfie and Elvie are feeling particularly naughty this year and really looking forward to causing chaos and havoc.

Did you know?
Elfie used to be one of Santa’s gold star employees until he realised, he preferred being naughty to being nice and that’s when he set up the underground elf organisation called EBB or Elves Behavin’ Badly. They started off being naughty to reindeer and pinching cookies, joyriding Santa’s sleigh, and gift-wrapping snowmen.

Santa put up with them for several hundred years but eventually, one year, after they shaved off his beard on the night before Christmas, he had them put under heavy observation to keep an eye on them. Santa invented The Elf Surveillance System™ and decided to double down on the naughty list with a new zero tolerance attitude.

After a long time in Elf Training Academy, Elfie and the other elves were let off the hook and now, every year they are sent out across the globe to report back new additions to the naughty and nice list. So, each Christmas these reformed “ex-naughty” elves enter the homes of families where they report naughty children to Santa. However, the truth is they do all this whilst also being really, naughty themselves. Sneaky little elves!  
Start date and time:
11 December, 2021
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End Date:
11 December, 2021
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