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Donate to the Castle Quarter pre-loved school uniform swap shop

Here at Castle Quarter we have launched a new initiative with the aim of putting a few pounds back in the pockets of parents.

In a bid to help parents and carers save on the expense of school uniform and prevent clothing that is in wearable condition going to waste, we have launched a preloved school uniform collection point. and are asking for donations.

We are asking for help from Norfolk parents and need donations of pre-loved school uniform, so that any items that remain in a good, wearable condition can be passed on to those who need them.  

If enough donations are collected, Castle Quarter plans to host a pop-up event for a school uniform swap shop, where parents and carers can pick up good quality items of clothing, for free, ready for the new school term to begin. 

Gemma Hyde, marketing and administration manager here at Castle Quarter explains; “Buying new uniform every year is a big expense for any parent, so we wanted to reduce some of that pressure by helping parents swap perfectly good uniform and re-use it.  Last year, the Children’s Society estimated that parents spent an average of £287 a year on primary school uniform and £422 on secondary.  That’s a huge amount, on top of rising bills and food prices.  

“The school summer holidays should be a stress-free time when families enjoy days out and time together.  It shouldn’t come with the added worry of whether you can afford new shoes and uniform for your children when it’s time to head back to school, but the reality is lots more people are having to think about where that money is going to come from.  We wanted to do something to help ease that financial burden, giving parents and carers the chance to pick up good quality uniform, for free, while also reducing the amount of perfectly good quality clothing that was going to waste.”

The initiative is also aimed at those wanting to pick up pre-loved items, as they move to a greener way of shopping for clothes.  

Donations are being accepted now. 

Castle Quarter is asking people to donate blazers, cardigans, jumpers PE kits, polo shirts, shorts, shoes, skirts and trousers.  Items can be plain or branded, and in any colour.   They must be washed and in good, wearable condition, with all name tags removed if possible. 

Details about the uniform swap event will be announced closer to the time. 

Where can you donate?

Please bag up school uniform donations and drop off at the Castle Quarter management office, on level 3 between 9am and 5pm, Monday – Friday.  To find the office, head to Super Bowl and take the escalator or lift to Level 3. 

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