ONLINE BOOKING NOW LIVE! The SUPER cool adventure bar features; Crazier Golf, Electric Darts, Shuffleboard, Beer Pong, Axe Throwing & more - not to mention their very own Boom: Battle Beer™. Bring your friends, parents or super cool Uncle - everyone is sure to have a great time, although, we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to walk out - but that makes a great night? Right? “THIS IS NEXT LEVEL - EVERYONE SHOULD BE EXCITED” - Lucas, BBC Presenter CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO Boom: Battle Bar - The best place to get socially competitive with your friends! They've got: - Axe Throwing - Minigolf - Boules - Electric Darts - Shuffleboard - Skee Ball - & more But they are not just about sports, you can enjoy a cocktail & tasty food too!

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Monday-Friday: 1pm-11pm
Saturday 12pm-12am
Sunday: 11am-1pm

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