Smart Tech Repairs is a tech repair shop who fix all types of tech and specialise in Mobile phone and table repairs. Our engineers are Level 3 trained, which means your phone is in the hands of experts. Our engineers are the best in the business, fixing Nokia’s since the days of snake! Our experience is unparalleled, so much so that other companies send us the phones they don’t know how to fix! For many years we have repaired cracked iphone screens behind the scenes for numerous companies really honing our craft. Now we have decided that we should step onto the high street and give this amazing service face to face. OVER 15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN THE INDUSTRY We are the most experienced phone repair company in Norfolk. Our Engineers, have over 15 years experience of fixing mobile phones. We can repair phones most others can't. We have the knowledge and expertise to deliver you the very best mobile phone repair service and quality parts. ALL MAKES AND MODELS REPAIRED Yes, that is right! We can repair 99% of smart devices (providing we can obtain the necessary parts). We have the industry technical knowhow to deliver the repair service you require. Whether it is a smashed iPhone screen, mobile phone or tablet screen, a charging fault, an audio fault or a mother board fault, the chances are we can repair it for you. SMART-TECH REPAIRS GIVE YOU A GUARANTEED WARRANTY FOR PEACE OF MIND With a choice of parts you can tailor your repair to suit your individual budget. All our repairs come with a warranty for complete piece of mind.

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