Superbowl UK Norwich hosts 14 of the latest state of the art Ten Pin Bowling Lanes with the latest scoring system along with bumpers and ramps are provided to make ten-pin bowling more enjoyable and engaging than ever. But that is not all that you will find there! Crazy Club, the Soft Play & Party Centre at Superbowl UK Norwich will play host to kids looking to blow off some steam by running, climbing and sliding to their little hearts’ content. Taking your kids to a soft play centre such as Crazy Club is a fantastic way to give children their 60 active minutes and it is “Exercise in Disguise” as the kids are just having great fun… Running, Jumping, Climbing, Sliding… Play is what kids do best!! To re-energise, our food menu is varied, to help cater for many different preferences and additional ‘specials’ are on offer from time to time. Plus there is a Sega Prize Zone! Offering a wide variety of video games, arcade games and arcade slot machines suitable for all ages. There’s entertainment for all at the Sega Prize Zone – it’s SEGA’s new dynamic leisure attraction that brings together the best and most exciting coin-operated games in a new family entertainment format. Enjoy the best loved video games, kiddie rides, driving simulators and sports games. The SEGA Prize Zone is great fun for anyone whether you’re treating the kids before, during or after shopping or having a go yourself! Take a look at how great Superbowl UK is by clicking here to watch their promo video

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