Student Discounts

There’s always a reason to visit Castle Quarter, especially as a student! Check out all of the discounts on offer now!

Boutique: 10% Off in-store

British Heart Foundation: 10% Off in-store

Gifted: 10% Off in-store

Kwik Pix: 10% Off in-store

Quiz: 15% Off in-store

Select: 20% Off in-store

Supercuts: 10% Off – Services only

The Fragrance Shop: 10% Off in-store

Charisma: 20% Off – first visit only 

Auntie Anne’s: 10% Off in-store

Cocina: 20% Every Thursday

Delightful Deserts: 10% Off in-store

Moya Bubble Tea: 20% Off in-store

Shaake: 10% Off in-store

The T Junction: 10% Off the Coffee Bar only

Vue: Every Film, Every Day – £4.99

Boom Battle Bar: 2-4-1 Cocktails, 2-4-1 Crazier Golf – Every Thursday – All Day

Pure Gym: 10% off or up to 30% off, when signing up for a fixed term

Retro Replay: 10% Off

Superbowl UK: 2 Games of Bowling, selected alcoholic drink & flavoured vodka shot for £9.99pp